To create your available hours for the Video Consultation, the only thing you need to do, is follow the next steps : 

1. Click on the menu right on top of your screen en click after this on "Availabilities management".
2. Choose "Video Consultation" as the localisation and a a new period on the same way as you add one for a classic practice : 

3. Select the day of the week where you would like to add a new time slot and click on "Add new". 

4. Step up your availabilities for this day :

Adding a new time slot is done on the same way as in a physical practice :

  • Fill in the start - and end time of this time slot 

  • If the Video Consultation is available for convention, tick the box, if not leave unchecked. 

  • Tick the box "Auto-confirm appointments" on whenever the appointment is auto-confirmed. If not, leave the box unchecked. 

Attention : in contrast to the settings of an appointment in your physical practice, we have left the options "Open consultation" and "Available for online booking" out as each Video Consultation will be made online. 

  • If needed select how the slots will be shown

  • Set up the services, according to the types of consultation, who will be available during this time slot.

  • Select the appointment duration.

  • Categorise the time slot per colour.

  • To end, click on save to register your adaptations.

In the next step you can see how you can adapt the services.

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Whenever you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the online chat.

The Doctoranytime team 

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