How to adapt your services :

1. To start, go to your parameters and click on "Services".

2. U will see two different types of Video Consultation "Video Consultation existing patient" and "Video Consultation new patient".

Attention : you don't need to enter those two types of consultation, they will be created automatically. At the moment, these are the only two types of consultation which are available.

3. Select the Video Consultation you would like to adapt :

The boxes "Available on the agenda" and "Available for online booking" must be ticked.

After this, you can :

  • Assign a color to this type of consultation so you can simplify the overview of your agenda or improve the communication with your colleagues and/or secretariat.

  • Fill in the price of the Video Consultation (this is the price which will be asked to the patient).

  • Fill in the estimated duration of the Video Consultation

  • Fill in your instructions and extra information if needed.

  • To end, click on "Save" to confirm your information.

Attention : you can not add a physical practice, you should leave the Video Consultation as the place of the consultation.

The next step explains how you can start a Video Consultation.

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If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the online chat.

The Doctoranytime team

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