The objective of this section is to explain the patient's journey to make an appointment in Video Consultation :

1. Make an appointment

1. To start, the patients connects to his account

2. Then he goes to the home page where he fills in the speciality he is looking for.

3. Next, he selects the option "Video Consultation" in the filters on the left of his screen. Then he will get the list of all the practitioners who offer the Video Consultation.

4. Afterwards he selects his practitioner and clicks on "Book an appointment".

5. Then he will be redirected to the agenda of his practitioner and can select the type of consultation and an appointment time among those proposed:

6. Next, he needs to confirm his information.

After clicking on "Next step", he needs to choose for whom he is taking an appointment and accept the general terms and conditions as well as our data protection policy.

Finally, the patients needs to click on "Submit" to confirm his appointment.

Please note that the patient can always cancel his appointment outside the 24 hours prior to the appointment. In the 24 hours preceding the appointment, he is obliged to contact the practitioner to cancel.

2. The day of the consultation

1. The day of the consultation the patient can connect with the virtual waiting room on 3 ways :

  • From the link in the reminder sms

  • From the link the reminder mail

  • From your patient account

2. He needs to go to "My appointments" and click on "Start the consultation" at the appointment.

3. The waiting room allows him to connect with the practitioner. To do so, he must click on "Click to start the video chat".

In the last step you will find an answer to all the questions you still may have concerning the Video Consultation.

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