How to communicate information specific to the Video Consultation ?

From your public web page you can write a message that will be only visible when the patient selects your virtual practice.

The patient will have access to it from the interface where he is taking an appointment.

What will be the price of the Video Consultation after the lockdown ?

We haven't set a price yet. We would like to see the actual usage first so that we can make a competitive and fair offer.

How do the patients make an appointment for a Video Consultation ?

The patients can take an appointment for a Video Consultation directly from the profile of the practitioner.

How do the patients have access to the Video Consultation ?

The patients can directly access the Video Consultation from 3 different sources:

  • Link available in the reminder SMS

  • Link available in the reminder email

  • Link available on patient profiles on Doctoranytime

How do practitioners access the Video Consultations ?

Practitioners can directly access the Video Consultation from their agenda by clicking on the patient's appointment.

What is the degree of security of the Video Consultation tool ?

We have chosen to operate with the best video provider on the market in order to guarantee :

- European video feed

- Security encryption

- Unique link per appointment

- GDPR Compliance

Is it possible to do a Video Consultation with several people ?

No, the service is limited to exchanges between one practitioner and one patient at a time.

Do the patients receive an appointment evaluation sheet ?

No, reviews are only available for physical appointments.

Do patients have to download an application ? Can they access it from their smartphone/tablet ?

Patients can access the Video Consultation without prior downloading. The service is also accessible from the browser on a smartphone and a tablet.

Do the patients receive a reminder SMS ?

All practitioners who have the Video Consultation will automatically send SMS messages for all Video Consultation appointments. This will not be debited from their monthly SMS package.

What does the reminder SMS/email for a Video Consultation says that the patients receive ?

The reminders mention that this is a Video Consultation and include the link to the virtual waiting room (before starting the Video Consultation).

Can I encode an appointment for the Video Consultation myself?

No, only patients can make their appointment online. However, you can send them an invitation to make an appointment by sending them an email to your online appointment booking (your Doctoranytime profile).

Why do we work like this ?

1. It allows us to make sure that the patient understands the technology.

2. It also allows you to retrieve all the essential information for the Video Consultation (ID card number, name, surname, phone number, email address) while it is more complicated by phone.

3. Finally, it assures the pre-payment for the consultation.

Can I be available for a Video Consultation and at the office at the same time ?

Yes, you will have both slots available online. When one of the two slots is occupied by an appointment, you will be unavailable for the Video Consultation and at the office in question.

Warning: by creating an unavailability in one, you will not block the other.

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