If you haven't filled in your honoraria on your Doctoranytime webpage, the patients (if connected with their Doctoranytime account) have the possibility to request your honoraria.

How does it work ?

First of all do you need to activate this function in the settings of your agenda. You can do this at the "Notification settings".

For the services for which the price isn't mentioned, the patients can submit a request to the practitioner by clicking on "Send price request".

They will receive a notification as a confirmation of the request.

Once the request is done, you will receive a notification by mail as well as in your parameters of the agenda at the "Services". By clicking on the service, you can fill in the prices of the consultation.

After you have filled in the price, you need to click on save and the patient will be notified by mail of the adaptations. In addition the prices will be shown on your profile on Doctoranytime.

The Doctoranytime team

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