In this article we answer the most frequently asked questions about importing your patient data into Doctoranytime.

Which file formats are accepted?

The tool accepts files in CSV, XLS or XLSX format.

How do I prepare my file?

Please take the following points into account when preparing your file:

  • The imported file can contain only one page.

  • All columns must have a title and this title must correspond to an existing property (First name, Last name, E-mail address, etc.). To do this, we recommend that you use the template
    Template for importing your patient database

  • Your imported file must not contain more than 250,000 rows and 1,000 columns.

Why does my import show errors?

Import errors can occur for a variety of reasons. The most common errors are :

  • The file format is not accepted (accepted file types: CSV, XLS or XLSX).

  • The column title does not correspond to an existing property.

Are my patients' data protected?

Your patient database is encrypted and protected by an SSL certificate. You are the owner of your database and can therefore access your entire patient database at any time.

Who has access to the information to be imported?

Each user authorised to import has access to the information to be imported. Learn how to modify the import authorisations.

What are the limitations of the import file?

Your file cannot exceed 150 MB and can contain up to 250,000 rows and 1,000 columns.

What happens if I import a list of already existing contacts into my Doctoranytime database?

If you import a patient who already exists in your Doctoranytime database, this patient will be duplicated in your database. However, you can manually delete it from your database as soon as we confirm that your import has been completed.

Why does my import take so long?

The larger your file is, the longer it takes to import your data. Moreover, the tool can only import one file from one practitioner at a time.

What types of notifications can I send to my patients once they are in my Doctoranytime database?

You can use your online profile to send SMS or e-mail invitations to your patients to make appointments.

You will find three different types of e-mails, depending on the type of consultation you wish to present to your patients. Fees are charged for sending SMS messages.

How long does it take to access my database from Doctoranytime?

It takes 72 hours to import the database into Doctoranytime and send the selected e-mail or text message. You will be notified as soon as your database has been imported.

Do you have any other questions? Don't hesitate to contact our support via the chat at the bottom on the right of your screen.

The Doctoranytime team

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